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Skywalkers definitely had the easier schedule. Looking back at last season, Pride, Nems, Hoco, Stars and even Coppermine could have had a shot for the playoffs had they played similar schedules. Then we would be complaining about how "they" had an "joke" schedule. [/quote]

Sky Walkers has beaten all of the teams you listed throughout the summer season except for Pride. Time to tell us what you are really upset about. Let it out because we are here to help you. Not good to hang onto things for so long.

Last year Sky Walkers won 1 game and lost 7. Can you show me one post where Sky Walkers was complaining about their schedule and losing 7 games? Sky Walkers took the schedule that was provided and did the best they could as did all of the other programs. The reality is that high school and college coaches won't be asking your daughters how their team did in NGLL or at any of the tournaments. You can keep focusing on wins and schedules, but ultimately you just end up letting the kids down

The "win" is your daughter's development and how well the team executes. I can appreciate that parents and daughters have different goals and therefore the conversations on this site will differ quite a bit. Personally, I'll tell my daughter to let the losers worry about winning. Losers always find excuses for failures and learn to blame others. Winners take responsibility for themselves and keep pushing to improve regardless of outcomes. Winners see failures as learning opportunities. Coaches and parents that always worry about the wins are less worried about team development--they are thinking short term. So I respect everyone's opinion and need to discuss wins, losses, schedules, etc, but don't let that take away from your daughter's love for the sport. My daughter and I rarely discuss scores. I congratulate her on nice dodges, passes, and generally just executing plays well. She loves the sport and looks forward to getting outdoors with her teammates, which is more priceless than any win.[/quote]

That's great. Your daughter can accomplish all that by playing for a good rec team. That said, if that is your true philosophy, then why have your daughter play for such a competitive team and league? If you didn't care about winning, why doesn't your daughter play for a lower level team and help develop that team? is it because they don't win or is it because they aren't as talented (therefore they don't win)? I mean they have good coaches also that can develop your daughter. I'm not here to attack you but at the same time, don't jump on a board (for a competitive sport and league like this one) and play this "holier than thou" attitude. Your daughter, like mine is playing on their respective teams to compete at high level. And last time I checked competitive teams and people like to win. Making friends and enjoying the moment are part of the ride. [/quote]

It's this undeveloped and defensive mind set that causes many of the issues today. Your post is argumentative rather than trying to have a discussion. My daughter plays for multiple competitive teams in 3 sports. My daughter has developed into a strong player on competitive teams by not focusing on the wins.
Here's what parent's and coaches sound like when focusing on the win:
1. "Go to goal!" (i.e. neglect your teammates and learning)
2. "That wasn't a foul!" (let's blame the ref instead of focusing on improving the player)
3. "That girl/team just plays dirty!" (let's blame the other teams for player deficiencies).
4. "What is wrong with you, make the play!" (arguing with daughters after each game. Daughters start to play conservatively rather than feeling free to experiment and learning from mistakes.
5. "We should move to a team that wins more." (blaming the players and coaches rather than trying to improve the player).
6. "I'll give you $5 for each goal you score!"
7. "Why would they put you on defense? Don't they know how good you are?"

Shortsighted people who don't have their daughter's best interest really like to focus on the win. The key here isn't that we don't enjoy winning--we just don't focus on winning at the expense of developing the team. I know you won't be able to comprehend this, because you are too interested in being right rather than considering what may be best for your daughter. Why not focus on being constructive and work on building your daughter into a strong and confident woman?

Trust me, by concentrating on the fundamentals and making sure the focus is on execution you will find that the wins just keep on coming. Just stop making this about you and let your daughter enjoy the ride. My wife and I have coached at many levels and we have found that you are they type of parent that everyone dreads. Good luck.

You seem to be making a lot of assumptions and trying to attack me. But I will say this I too have coached at the rec, hs and even collegiate level developed my fair share of players along the way. Each one of those players always put team first and that started from the top. So please stop with “i’m The type of parent coaches dread”. My kids have been playing organized sports for years and I have never approAched a coach other than to thank and complement them. So you have no clue on my team philosophy.

From what I gather (based on your post) is that your daughter plays 3 sports at a competitive level (yay, so do most of these girls at this level) and that she doesn’t mind losing. This is all great but you didn’t answer the question of why? If winning a game or playing io win a game do not matter then why have them play on a competitive team and league? Why not play rec or for a less competitive team? I see plenty of good athletes that want to develop and have “fun” and choose to do just that.

And for the record the original debate was skywalkers having an easier schedule. Which is a fact. They played 4 teams with a losing record and did not have to play heroes or lbc in the regular season. Though I’m sure that the person doing schedules having ties to sw had nothing to do with that...

While we are at it maybe you can explain why sw opted to skip a game at l4tc? Did they care so little about winning that they skipped the game? Screwing the other team that traveled out of a game.


You have just proven that you cannot be reasoned with. I would have thought your understanding of player development would be higher considering your collegiate level of experience. The focus of high level clubs is to get their girls into college lacrosse programs. High level clubs focus on execution. Call them and ask them. Good coaches focus on mobilizing 12 girls to play as a team. Your daughter wins when the thousands of dollars spent on club lacrosse translates into high school varsity placement and playing in college. I'm not saying it isn't fun to win, but aren't you more excited to see your daughter effectively executing what she has learned during a game? In the end, it doesn't matter if my daughter and I like losing or like winning games, it matters if she was trained to play at a high level. I'm not paying thousands of dollars each year in hopes of winning games. High school and college coaches don't care about club team wins or loses (parents do though). College coaches come to showcases which are meant to display a girls talent and not look at who wins or loses. Focus on developing your daughters talent and celebrate that progress as the real win (and if she also wins the game too, fantastic).

Regarding your Sky Walkers fixation, I would suggest reading through prior posts. Is there some reason you are trying to slander the Sky Walkers program? Why does it matter what schedule Sky Walkers has or who they play? You are losing sight of the big picture which is surprising considering your collegiate level of experience. I hope you win all of your games and everyone is happy.