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2 or 3, some 4, games into the NGLL season time for some predictions of who makes the playoffs? Top 3 teams from the blue and red division make it. Red division Skywalkers and M&D off to fast start 2-0. Maryland United and NEMS look like they will fight to get in the top 3. NEMS with the big head to head win. Blue division Heros and Pride off to a quick start. Seems wide open for playoffs only can say FCA is probably out, how they have lost, along with 3d Frederick,0-2-1 record tough to get to 5 wins. Predictions not knowing all of yesterday's scores. RED order of finish- M&D, Sky, and NEMS. Blue order of finish- Heros, Pride and Hoco.

I would have said MDU East in the Red, but losing to NEMS by 1... I just don't see NEMS losing to anyone else besides M&D and Skywalkers. Don't think MDU can catch up after that loss.