Why is there so much detest for Spalding? I mean isn't part of building a program recruiting players, coaches and building up facilities and booster funds? They seem to be doing a good job of that. Or are all of you Baltimore prep school cronies who still roll around wearing your alumni gear 30 years after you graduated and need to beg your parents to help pay your kids tuition feeling a little threatened? Spalding has one of the best football, soccer, and baseball programs in the region. Their basketball team was once the best in the area and is head back in that direction. Their girls sports are all ranked in the top 10. So why couldn't they do the same with lacrosse? Unless you live in Towson, Baltimore or along the 83 corridor all of the "traditional" schools are a pain to get to. The school is perfectly located for people in the Annapolis, HoCo, PG and South/West and East Baltimore. From a facilities, athletics, education and cost perspective, Spalding is equal to Calvert Hall, JC and Loyola. So why so much grief?