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This argument is a bunch of nonsense. MnD, Heros and SW always draw the best talent early. Those girls are typically the biggest, fastest, strongest for their age at the time. They get the best coaching and play (a lot) against the best teams. By 8th/9th grade, the strong girls on all of the other teams have all consolidated to MnD, Heros and SW and those teams begin to balance out against the rest of the best teams in the country, YJ, Mass Elite...
My daughter is a 2021 on a very strong Maryland team and there is only one girl with a birthday before 9/1, the date for school cutoff in Maryland. Reclassifying is a fools errand.

Red players don't count: please stop posting.

There are two reasons why M&D Black wont be at NATIONALS. One, their best players don't qualify and second why not stay home and double dip to collect the $? I mean we all know what this is all about.