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Anyone have experience with the All America Games by Brine?


Looks like they are not having a tryout this year, but first come first serve.

Is this a money grab ($499) or was it good coaching and good competition?

If you have the money to waste and don’t get bent out of shape easily, then go for it, however do not expect team play of any kind. You are paying $500 for me ball

My 2025 played in the inaugural girls AAG tourney in 2019. She actually had a blast. You also get your money's worth back in gear. Who knows what the quality of competition will be this year if there are no try outs. But the overall experience was comparable or better than Maverik NLC. The first place 2025 team from LI was about 25% YJ Spallina girls, 25% YJ Lomo, and the rest a mix from other LI clubs (Liberty, Elevate, TG, etc.). The second place team from LI was 33% YJ B/C 2025s, 33% YJ A 2026s, and 33% other LI clubs. The third place team from NJ was a mix of girls from NJ and Westchester County (core group from Prime Time 2025). The other 2 teams from NE and South were pretty much blowouts. Refs were fair and let most competition play out so games were fast paced. Didn't notice me-ball dominating any of the action.