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the B team but the drop off from 13-20 is huge. I'm glad it worked out for your daughter but the reality is that the 2nd team of any club's age group is a money grab (a $40k plus money grab). If you recruited the top girls on each of the B Teams to some of the mid level/emerging clubs you could add 2-3 competitive A teams to this age group.

What do you tell girls number 13-20 on the B teams? Sorry you can't play club lacrosse any more, because it's just a "money grab" - just stick to rec.

These LAX Clubs have B teams because there is a demand for them. You may have a newer girl to the sport like the previous poster, or someone developing a little later.

BTW, my daughter is not in the above situation. But someone has defend my 13-20 friends of my daughter.