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My list.
1. M&D
2. Heros
3. Skywalkers
4. Pride
6. Hoco
7. MD United
8. Stars
9. LBC
10. Coppermine

I think Skywalkers has gotten better so 1-3 are tops. Gap to 4 and 5. 6 thru 9 who knows the order? I would say TLC and CClax/ FCA need to do a bit of work to be top 10 in the DMV area. Maybe Coppermine, M&D red, 3d Frederick, and Integrity? I would favor all 4 vs TLC.

This was more of a ranking of the top 10 in the A. Minus coppermine I don't think the teams you mentioned play in the a division. CCLax should be bumped to A which would put them right there with Coppermine, TLC and FCA. Again assuming that all teams are playing in the A division.