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Parents using the pre k year for lacrosse advantage are the smartest. How did they know so early. Quit your crying and play.

Seriously ??? - these girls are not being held back in pre-K - like your dismissive comment suggests. They're being held back in the middle school/high school transition. So don't be smart. They repeat 5th or 8th grade. And please don't act like it's not an advantage. It's insulting. I have no problem with whatever reason a family has for having their child repeat a grade - but it's definitely helpful to be at least one year up to 18 -22 months older then some of your opponents. Age based sports would eliminate that whole scenario. You just play with whoever was born the same year as you. Then it wouldn't matter at all what grade these kids are in. It works for soccer - it can work for lacrosse.

The M&D 24 black team just had a girl join their team who was a strong player on the 23's last year. She'll kill it at 24's. She's a great player - but being older helps tremendously.