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Well something must have happened between the Skywalker games against M&D in the NGLL and at the end of the season. They tied them and should've beaten them in the Germantown tournament. Skywalkers will be an improved team this year - especially if/when they cut the size or their roster. Also - besides the two games against HEro's - M&D had their share of blowouts too.

It's not that Skywalkers had a joke NGLL schedule - it's that once you get past the top 4 teams at this age - the caliber of the teams fall off.

Skywalkers definitely had the easier schedule. Looking back at last season, Pride, Nems, Hoco, Stars and even Coppermine could have had a shot for the playoffs had they played similar schedules. Then we would be complaining about how "they" had an "joke" schedule.