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"How do you know its an MnD parent? I mean you lost to Hero's maybe they weren't that impressed. Last time I checked they were the "Queens of the Cage" for md."

When you say "you lost to HEros they weren't impressed - who are you refering to when you say "you lost".
I am not a pride parent. I'm local to Baltimore. And I am willing to bet it was an M&D parent who wrote that pride is not a team to watch though.

And I don't even know what "queen of the cage" is

It's crazy to me that on these boards no one/no teams can be given credit where credit is due. It's nuts

Queen of the Cage = Reigning champs. Did I i dense it down enough for you? As for "You Lost", I was assuming it was a Pride parent that left the message. Just like you assumed an MnD parent left a response to the original thread. At the end of the day who cares who left the message on an anonymous board.

But you are an M&D parent. And no one would care on message boards except M&D parents trash anything that does not involve their teams. Oh - and call people dense.

When other teams are good it does not diminish M&D. It's ok for all of these teams to be good.