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Well something must have happened between the Skywalker games against M&D in the NGLL and at the end of the season. They tied them and should've beaten them in the Germantown tournament. Skywalkers will be an improved team this year - especially if/when they cut the size or their roster. Also - besides the two games against HEro's - M&D had their share of blowouts too.

It's not that Skywalkers had a joke NGLL schedule - it's that once you get past the top 4 teams at this age - the caliber of the teams fall off.

Skywalkers definitely had the easier schedule. Looking back at last season, Pride, Nems, Hoco, Stars and even Coppermine could have had a shot for the playoffs had they played similar schedules. Then we would be complaining about how "they" had an "joke" schedule.

Sky Walkers has beaten all of the teams you listed throughout the summer season except for Pride. Time to tell us what you are really upset about. Let it out because we are here to help you. Not good to hang onto things for so long.

Last year Sky Walkers won 1 game and lost 7. Can you show me one post where Sky Walkers was complaining about their schedule and losing 7 games? Sky Walkers took the schedule that was provided and did the best they could as did all of the other programs. The reality is that high school and college coaches won't be asking your daughters how their team did in NGLL or at any of the tournaments. You can keep focusing on wins and schedules, but ultimately you just end up letting the kids down. Trust me, all of the top teams will be happier taking a tough loss against a strong team then beating a team easily.

Just a little heads up-Coaches recruit players not teams. They don't give a hoot about wins and losses and tee shirts won.
Make sure your daughter is one of the top players on her team or she will be sorry. Find a well coached team that also develops girls instead of just collecting talent (as someone previously stated). NGLL is fun and a great money maker for CR but no one is watching during college lax season.