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Sky Walkers had a joke NGLL schedule. They played two 0-8 teams and one 1-7 team. They only had 1 win against a team with a winning record. And get blown out by M&D 19-1, which is M&D's biggest goal differential for the season. There is probably 6 other teams in the pool that would have made the playoffs if they had Sky Walkers schedule.

Could you please explain why you posted this? What team does your daughter play for? Who are the other 6 teams that could have made it? Pride definitely is very talented. HOCO might have had a shot. Not sure who else you are considering.

You could have mentioned that:
1. Sky Walkers played Hero's tough in the NGLL semifinal. Sky Walkers was beating them at the half but Hero's was able to control the draws and played extremely well in the second half. Hero's is very talented and ended up winning NGLL for the 2nd year in a row.
2. Sky Walkers tied M&D in the Capital City Lax Festival Tournament. That was exciting considering the high level of respect Sky Walkers has for M&D.
3. Sky Walkers held the Yellow Jackets to 5 points at the MidAtlantic Summer Club Championships.
4. Sky Walkers had nothing to do with the NGLL schedule. There were many weak teams that had to play someone.

Sky Walkers consistently enters the toughest tournaments and plays the hardest teams--look it up for yourself. Their record at tournaments may not always be the best, but they are always looking to play the best--M&D, Hero's, Yellow Jackets, Pride, etc.

Best of luck to your team and your daughter.