Going to a calendar year is the ONLY way to solve the holdback age problem. The reasons to hold your kid nack are personal but its definitely an advantage.when my daughter began 7th grade she was tweleve and a half. She turned 13 in February. But a girl on her yeam turned 14 in the end of September - but some if the girls on the team had just turned 12 in july and august. That made this player a full 22 and 23 months older than her teammates. That is a huge advantage - especially for middle school girls. Since then our team has added another girl who really should be in the grade above. If it van work for soccer which has way more partivipants - it can work for lacrosse.

Since this is a 25's forum ill use the m&d black 25's as an example.... two of their starting midfielders shpuld be in tbe 24's. Both are impact players.