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[quote=Anonymous]Sky Walkers had a joke NGLL schedule. They played two 0-8 teams and one 1-7 team. They only had 1 win against a team with a winning record. And get blown out by M&D 19-1, which is M&D's biggest goal differential for the season. There is probably 6 other teams in the pool that would have made the playoffs if they had Sky Walkers schedule.

"Could you please explain why you posted this? What team does your daughter play for? Who are the other 6 teams that could have made it? Pride definitely is very talented. HOCO might have had a shot. Not sure who else you are considering."

He posted that because he wants to stir the pot. Why not just give props to all these girls - who cares that the Skywalkers 11 & 12 yr olds had an easier schedule ( that they had no control over) than other teams?. All the top teams had blow out games / all had some close games. Skywalkers improved by the end of the season and that's what matters. M&D will likely always have the strongest team - but Skywalkers is always right there too. Their teams just take a little longer to gel. Trust me I've been around long enough to see it.

These parents are wayyyy tooo serious for 12 year old lacrosse.