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So basically these prep schools go around and recruit the best players in the state and entice them with money. Then the parents boast about the great talent and winning programs. If some D1 colleges could "recruit" but not others that would be unfair huh. Too bad the kids would not attend because the academics were superior not for lax.
They go around to clubs in the late summer of 7th grade(?). That way your D will be able to attend open houses that fall and sit down for the test that fall. Then once you get in you have to lay out your whole financial history and situation, even the ages of the cars you drive and they figure out how much Merit aid you get year to year. If you stay home with kids they base it on what you could make at minimum wage. This may sound awful but if your just a basic white family you won’t get much maybe 10-15%. They will give POC more aid.

Some schools even have alumnae-peers (yes the moms you have coffee with) in the financial office looking at your whole financial fitness blueprint plus tax returns. Talk about tacky.