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It totally needs to be run much better than it was. It Does not make people feel like it was a very fair chance. I think that’s why it’s getting more complaints! The way LI tryout was run last year was terrible. Coach’s for the most part know the girls before going there. So, very best so usually move forward. People just want their daughters to have a fair chance at tryouts to prove themselves

A few years ago when there was only UA underclass team the tryouts were a 2 day event. Day 1 was a lot of 1v1 2v2 and small sided stuff, they did draw and ground ball drills etc. day 2 was all scrimmages with cuts at the halfway point.
Now they go straight to games, if your kid is a goalie or defender who ends up on a strong offensive team the ball may never get down to her end.
Would be helpful if they shuffled the players around a bit to different teams after awhile.
Also this year the tryout is about a week before the tournament.. barely time for a practice or two..
Totally agree regarding how they do the tryout - that's why is shows that the tryout is not "legit". How can anyone be seen with that layout. They know who they are taking (minus maybe 2-3 girls) before the tryouts start - it's been admitted by evaluators. If your daughter is lucky enough to play for the "it" club team and/or "it" HS - then great and congrats. But if your daughter doesn't and never makes the team, it DOES NOT mean she's not the BEST. Making or not making UA in NO WAY defines you as a player. Period.

So now it's "luck" and the team that you play for? Nothing to do with ability, athleticism, effort etc...? I am in agreement that parents of players who are trying out should have nothing to do with UA coaching or evaluating but these same complaints come about every year. Many of the parents of players who do not make the team are bitter so they try to knock the selection process and or diminish the accomplishment of making the team. I have been around this sport for a long time and I have had my children tryout for UA many times, only one was fortunate enough or strong enough to earn a spot on the team but I never complained when they didn't make it. September 1st is always a very telling time.
& you will see that A LOT of girls get recruited to TOP D1 schools that have NEVER played in the UA. As stated above, UA in NO WAY defines you as a player.

To put things in perspective... Someone defined Top DI schools as "Top 10 Ranked schools". If we look at the past 5 full seasons of play, 2015 - 2019 and look at the Final Rankings there were a total of 20 teams that were ranked in the Top 10. Below is the list of teams that finished in the Top 10 (also listed How many year the team finished in the top 20)

Maryland - 5x Top 10
North Carolina - 5X Top 10

Boston College - 4X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Princeton - 4X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Syracuse - 4X Top 10 (5X Top 20)

Northwestern - 3X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Florida - 3X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Stony Brook - 3X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Virginia - 2X Top 10 (5X Top 20)
Penn - 1X Top 10 (5X Top 20)

I would say the above are Top 10 Programs as they have finished in the Top 10 and are also finish in the Top 20 every year.

The teams listed below have also finished in the Top 10 but seem to be less consistent as they do not always finish in the Top 20.

Penn State - 3X Top 10 (4X Top 20)
Notre Dame - 2X Top 10 (4X Top 20)

Loyola - 2X Top 10 (3X Top 20)
USC - 2X Top 10 (3X Top 20)
Navy - 2X Top 10 (3X Top 20)

Stanford - 1X Top 10 (3X Top 20)
JMU - 1X Top 10 "National Champion" (3X Top 20)
Duke - 1X Top 10 (2X Top 20)
Towson - 1X Top 10 (2X Top 20)
Denver - 1X Top 10 (2X Top 20)

Just looked at the 2020 Newsday College Commitment list for Class of 2020. There were approximately 20 Girls committed to the schools listed (Excluding Stony Brook).

When looking at that top group which the number drops to around 12 girls from Long Island.

This years Top 10 - 20 will look much the same as it usually does minus any Ivy's.

I do not know how many 2023 girls will go to these schools who do not make UA but from what I can see looking at past years we will probably see less than 20 girls go to the Top DI Programs.

Every year there will be some players who get snubbed from UA for one reason or another but after looking at the numbers, most of the complaints are just sour grapes.