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Not to confuse facts with the brilliant analysis here, but:

This weekend:

MND 5, Monster 5
MND 6, YJ 6
MND 7, Limitless (FL) 2

Last weekend:
MND 7, TG 4
MND 12, Elavate (NY) 2
MND 10, Dewlax (NJ) 6

MND 11, MD United 7
MND 8, YJ 9
MND 16, Carolina 5

6-1-2 playing a lot of top teams. Garbage, huh?!

Best part, MND plays YJ again this weekend.

Lot of numbers although I noticed you’re leaving a few off. Riddle me this, has M&D beaten YJ or HEROS in the last twelve month's?
[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]Not to confuse facts with the brilliant analysis here

Hero’s NEVER beats M&D
M&D is the #1 team in Maryland. The YJ 2.0 version that merged last year has been our nemesis. since their merger I don’t know anyone who beat them in a game, but we love playing the best. I think we get them this weekend; we are due.
All our top players have been there snd I believe all YJs have too.
Hero’s still can’t beat us and never will. thx for trying