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On corrigan sports. That’s who to blame. They were bullied to who makes team. The take away is this is not legit.. I wouldn’t even let my kid try out as we were told there were only 3 spots open and the team was already made. Don’t waste your money on this garbage. Go to the camps.

who claims there were only 3 spots available. top scorers were both on team last year.
Maybe when your team plays FLG or TG purple, your Superstar kid scores 5 goals, but when you play the best plays from all over the country it's not as easy to have 2 goals in a game. stop with the nonsense here......maybe some of the middies you expected to score had different roles.
I am sure if the tryout wasn't political your kid would have been on the team and scoring 3 a game. life isn't fair. BTW the coaches daughter is very good and deserved to be on that team!