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Yay, you’re getting the point! Many talented girls didn’t make the select team due to bias of the evaluators. What’s my evidence you ask? About half the girls picked did nothing to contribute to a win, in fact , they were liabilities on the field. Keep telling yourself that your daughter belonged there even though she did nothing. There were definitely a few that would clearly make the team no matter who was doing the evaluation, the bottom half had no business being there!

Hence, why we didn't go to the tryout. Some of the girls who made the team are great players and very deserving. Some, not so much. But if you think the UA team represents the top talent on LI then you're delusional. For us personally, we decided our money was better spent going to college camps at schools my daughter is actually interested in attending. That's the joke of all this. With the recruiting changes, the college camps make your club and your club directors connections a lot less important. Seriously, why do I care if Podunk School of Basketweaving is interested in my daughter and contacts our clubs director? We're interested in the schools my daughter would like to attend and that's really easy to go check out on our own, without the drama, without the politics and without being beholden to a club director.