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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]Jesters coach did NOT know who C.H. Is from Grizzlies, perhaps top player in the grade.
He put defensively poor middie on her too late instead of top defenders to face guard from beginning.
After the wheels came off, kept his daughter, new Jester LD and Leg girl at midfield almost entire second half. Then outrageously names those 3 plus the selfish shooting, yellow card drawing, man down causing Middie Was All-Tournament players! Wow. Talk about politics, cluelessness and shame! What a mess!

Wow you really are a clown. And must not know anything about sports?? with did you do it your daughter do to enable you to talk like that. The girl who got the 2 yellows is the top middie on LI. has been and IS still! both cards were BS. second was a rocket in the upper corner from the outside.
The girls that made UA NR tournament team should be proud and they were deserved. Ohh wait is it because none came from the original Thorn team. 1 YJ B kid, 1 legacy, 2 Jesters and 2 igloo. Is that what you do; your daughter don’t make it and everyone knows who you are, and you take to the forum and criticize and belittle young girls?? you should be ashamed of yourself. Your daughter is a great player, stop ruining it for her.

Best middie in LI??? If that’s true , LI is in big trouble! Open your eyes! Nobody showed up on that UA team with consistency. That’s what great, “best” players do. What they don’t do is make excuses, like you are. Sports have short memory, and right now I’m pretty sure that teams performance is something they’re hoping people will forget quickly. Now go sign your daughter up for some of those private YJ lessons!

Yes, and the LI girls on the all tournament team had me scratching my head. They weren’t even stat leaders. Guess they tried to spread it around, like a participation trophy
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Your clueless jester coach did pick all tournament honors. Not like high school honors when a team gets so many honors n coaches pick who gets what.
You def never put a jock strap on. Stop living thru your kid.
All the kids that made it played well.
Get a life

put a jock strap on??
with you play and where? let’s hear this. let me guess all conf in football in 1988. awesome bro.
you are still crying your daughter didn’t get picked.
go text CR like you always do and cry to her.

At this point I think the girls who did get picked should be more embarrassed than the ones who didn’t. What a pathetic showing and waste of time for all involved. Driving to and from VA must have been the icing on the cake!

maybe they should just reject the honor and can tell everyone they got cut and blame politics like you and your kid.

Don't blame politics the Jesters selected the girls that had the best tournament and earned a place on the all tournament team. With 5 UA Jesters they will be a force this upcoming summer.[/quote]

no ... seen those girls play average at best they are B team caliber ...they get a lot of behind the scenes push to get them noticed .. its who you know for them not skills . they don't play enough either... good luck to them but they will not cut it with the MD competition