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I Was there. My daughter made this team of individual beautiful and talented young women. Stop this please. They are all worthy. This coach was on an island with no backup. He probably didn’t know some of their names yet we are condemning him for not taking this group of players all the way? He’s not my cup of tea but he was chosen. Not you. And if coach BT had been there would there likely have been a different outcome ? I don’t think so. They did not play as a unit. These yj girls I know and watched looked as if they just met. There were moments. Let’s not forget the ugly basics- over throwing, missed catches, forcing the pass time and again in front of the crease. The non YJ players contributed as much as the YJ for good and not so good. We all missed draws. We all got a TON of bad calls for good checks. We all got a TON of yellow cards. And had an ejection. Let’s not forget that we played 3 men down for a game. Two very strong Mid lines. 1 was stacked with YJ and 1 not. Legacy and Jesters, what, 3 of them played and all 3 put up stats- game winner goals and assists and as many draw wins as any one did for this team. Which wasn’t many In the semi final. This crying is embarrassing. about what ? Let’s have a redo and have these girls play as a team. With some emotion. As if they wanted to win. That’s the game I want to see. Let’s move on and hope for a spring varsity season that we can watch. Enough

Nice heartfelt response, but it doesn’t negate the mess. I’m still hearing a lot of excuses. YJ has a history if playing thug ball and then whining when called for it. A lot of time, money and emotion wasted for what should have been an amazing experience turned to disappointment and resentment. I agree that there is way to much selfishness and entitlement in this age group between both coaches and players. I’ve seen it since my daughter was in 1st grade hearing YJ family plan yelling go to goal, cliquy parents snubbing their noses as they walked by. Karma coming round. Maybe a good time to reflect