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She is definitely a top middi on Long Island. One of her best qualities r defensive skills. Not everybody plays defense at high-level. Some of those attackers barely had a ride. 90% of that team never even thinks about picking their head up. Couple attackers OMG. PASS THE BALL

funny part all the jealous crazy parents go on here and BLAST these kids that made the team, and blast them even more if they got an honor, but the irony of it all is they will be the same kids who make every 'watch' list, All county and AA and go to the top programs in the country. Been happening forever. as Ricky Henderson said....'they only BOO the best".
I am the sure the results in Virginia were disappointing for all the girls, but it was probably also a great experience. They are all the midst of a very nice lacrosse journey that may lead them to college one day where they continue to play and have fun and make memories, all while the same parents whine and complain. Just enjoy the journey or at least let your daughters enjoy it without you ruining it for them. It will be over fast