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I have to laugh at the "unbiased parent" here who went to watch the game in the cornfields of Pennsylvania. LMAO. I am a Legacy parent and i'm not embarrassed to say it. First of all the fact that you say we beat Jesters easily is just not factual. Yes they got off to a slow start but in the second half if you can't be honest that you weren't nervous like I was then your only fooling yourself cause I felt like we escaped with that win. Second of all the final score was a misprint and it was 7-5 and that's with the 2 goals they took off the board for Jesters so luckily for us it worked in our favor. Lastly, that jester team is very good so hats off to them. My daughter got in the car and said "Mom, we got lucky cause they were coming back" Sorry, just speaking the truth. Don't believe me watch the game film because we are all getting it smile All in all good day of lacrosse, not looking forward to playing Jesters again cause they scare me...… jus sayen

The unbiased parent is me and I went to watch the game as I’m a fan of good lacrosse and this was good lacrosse. My daughter played 2 fields down directly after “dufus”! You need to read my post more closely “fool”! I said the game was much closer than the score. The 2 scores were taken off for clear violations, which can easily be seen on the “game film”!

You’re a Jesters parent “posing” as a Legacy parent! That is completely obvious. Both coaches, while knowledgable, are stunads!