[quote=Anonymous]Corrections: They Did make the final 4 as Northeast bracket winners. They Did “poop the bed” this year but last year lost to Baltimore by 1 in the final, so there is no “again”.

The Top girls, with long track records of being the Best in the Grade on LI, did Not get it done this year, at All. Reality: The history over-the-years of top play will get 80% of them picked again & again & again. Seems it’s the other 20% (about 4 or 5 players) that are the ones who “took your daughters spot due politics” and should not have made it. We AGREE! The last 4 or 5 spots likely went to those the coaches know, weather due to politics or comfort with the players history vs a lights out tryout. It is these 4 or 5 players that did Not belong that has so many unable to move on. Understandable! Hopefully next year your daughter gets one of those spots. Could only be an improvement.

Agreed however it’s more than 4 or 5 that were gifted spots on the team. Jesters had 3 out 5 that made it haven’t played on varsity yet. Only 1 Jester truly deserved it. Dad coach came in picked his girls and they were exposed. The YJ also had players that were gifted onto the team. A handful of them deserved their spot based on their varsity lax play and reputation. The Jesters dad Coach was exposed for his coaching because he didn’t select the top players he was trying to grow his program at the expense of the UA team. When you have your choice of top Long Island talent you should be able to roll a ball out there and win.