Long Island teams play a completely different lacrosse game then the Baltimore/Md teams. LI is dependent on individual players basically looking to dodge and go to goal, and there are a good number of girls who can do that against most of the teams out there. But then they encounter these high level defenses and get completely shut down and really have no idea what to do. The Md teams play a much better brand of lacrosse, not even close. Lots of ball movement, off ball player movement, cutting and feeds and quick stick goals. I am from LI, but love watching these Md teams play, it is flat out just much better lacrosse than our girls play. We get to watch our LI girls try over and over to force the ball on a dodge, most often losing the ball and in the best case scenario they get fouled by one of the three defenders they are trying to individually take on. Ugly LI lacrosse, but that is what nearly all the LI clubs teach these kids, clear out for Becky and let her go to goal.