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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]..and when they beat you the joke's on you poach your roster and laugh to the bank the joke is on you for paying $70 to play wall ball with the small pistols. .

We’ll have to wait to see next year if the Jesters can get into any real tournaments and see if they play in the top brackets. The YJ should play them again slap them around show them they are far from a top team even with the former TG girl who is clearly their best player.

Kind of how YJ slapped them last time....... oh that’s right...... YJ parents cried all the way home after they got [ChillLaxin] slapped on their own field...... of course this after all the YJ fathers got drunk and their prissy little wives were flirting with other parents...... you lost all around..... LOSERS

Didn’t know Legacy played Jesters
what was the score??
Funny the Jesters claim to fame is a scrimmage. that’s funny.
Legacy should have been ranked higher than Jesters

Legacy is ranked higher than Jesters. At best Jesters are the 4th best team on the island. Smoke and mirrors they have 4 UA girls that the evaluator their Dad coach selected. Only one girl was a legit UA player and it showed in the tournament.

spot on...Daddy picked his daughter and besties for the roster spots. while sending better players home..other coach did same. that is how sad lax has gotten It is so obvious to all. favors and more favors ..politics at its finest

Agree, he should be ashamed. What a joke of a “coach”! That’s without even mentioning his white trash behavior on the field!