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I cant believe this tread. My daughter proudly plays on top guns. Playing on the top gun team she has become a way better lax player. She has learned to play unselfishly as a team player. Because of the great coaching and talent of players on her team she is hoping to be recruited and enjoys the game at a higher level. Yes we lost a great player, yes we have many more to step right up. Our team is still solid! . If her team loses to YJ I will be proud and if they win I will be proud. Yes we want to win! There are so many talented players on LI they have to play on different teams to all get playing time. As a community its embarrassing we cant acknowledge Jesters improvement and welcome them as a new contender. Acknowledge Legacy for their rise to the rankings. We should be happy LI can have four strong teams and represent ! If they play a solid game without mistakes be proud they won and they shouldn't have to feel like losers became they lost a game. Most people on here should be embarrassed with their comments and be happy to watch their child play good lax! In my opinion Top Guns hands down best team and best program - my daughter plays for them proudly!

Top guns are hands down the best team.
Apparently, you don’t follow the scores and polls.
YJ hasn’t lost a game since the merger. Not one game.
Beat the old #1 M&D 4 times while TG went 1-2 against them.

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