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That Jester dad coach coached my son and one of my two daughters. My son and his friends all played for that Jesters dad coach and went on to be NYS Champions last year (2nd in Massapequa history). That Jester dad coach was completely responsible for their success and my son talks about him on a daily basis. My daughter has played for him for years and now that 2023 Jester team made up of 15 Massapequa girls is a top 2023 team experiencing the same success that my son and his team experienced. He is so committed and is so incredibly knowledgable. I have watched the Jester program grow to 25 teams all because of him. Now he has brought in great people to add to the tremendous success the program already is having. My younger daughter also plays for Jesters and I am watching her grow into a great player. Say what you want but that Jester coach that you call a dad coach knows what he s doing - he has been successful everywhere he has coached from SJB to Massapequa from 1990 till this current day. I will never consider playing anywhere else!!!

I hope he doesn’t put this UA debacle on his resume! Yikes! Only one Jester deserved to be there, and it wasn’t him😳