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[quote=Anonymous]Stop with the stats. The girls picked ARE stat leaders but Tourny machine incorrect. Like previous stated. Stats not even close. Sideline workers winging it - missed most. Get over it. Watch the film if it’s of such great importance. Coaches don’t pick their own players. Only opponents players. Try again.

The girls picked for the all tournament team is a great honor and the girls picked earned it with lights out game play. Be happy for the girls that made it. If your daughters work hard next year they will have an opportunity to make the all tournament team.

"Lights out" play? You must not have been watching the same LI team as me. Not one girl scored more than 2 goals in any game (fact), and the whole team looked like they were a JV team playing Varsity team when playing (getting beat badly) CONN. That's not "lights out". Most girls too small, slow and unathletic to even think about playing in college.