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[quote=Anonymous]We've had a few tournaments this fall where we got some film. Tell me why I need to risk a trip to Florida only to have to quarantine for 2 weeks for school upon returning? I'm in MD.
If high school ball is cancelled, I'm sure there will pop-up tournaments for more film? Or even a pop-up league. Lets just get there first.

If HS does get cancelled, then the coaches will not be permitted to 'Evaluate' players until they extend the new dead period which very well could be in jeopardy and extended through June 1 from what I have heard. Now Flying to Florida is crazy but attending local events like the College Bound Laxers events and their NY Winter Showcase would be a great way to get in front of it (just in case anything happens), plus, it doesn't hurt to get more experience and more exposure. And mark my words, HS lacrosse (except the CHSAA) will be cancelled unfortunately (well at least here on LI)

Mark your words? Have you seen that the World Health Organization changed the criteria for testing positive for Covid what a coincidence just as Biden takes office. The covid cases will take a drastic dip. According to the WHO get tested when you have symptoms plus you need 2 positive test to be considered covid positive. Also the PCR has been changed from 40 to 30 which will drop numbers big time. Everyone will be playing this year and the dead period will be lifted in April.