Why do you keep comparing the LI style of lacrosse to MD when you didn't even play MD and MD lost in the big game.. Seems to me that the teams with similar styles played in the National Championship and the team that won had the best style.. There is parity in lacrosse now folks and local area needs to adjust their minds to that and quite frankly their styles of play. The days of Long Island travel dominance is over. Thug ball doesn't work against higher talent. I think that was evident in the UA tournament. The better teams play like teams ….plain and simple. There needs to be a wider net casted on Long Island and more travels teams should be represented. We should have a Long Island ONLY tournament and settle this once and for all. You have Legacy, TG, YJ and the Jesters simply play for a LI travel championship and call it a day. It will never happen because money and politics have corrupted the whole system and what you have left is what everyone saw in Virginia.