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Ok I am going to pose a question about tryouts like UA and I’m not sure what the right answer is. On tryout day a player has a flat out killer tryout. I have witnessed this scenario in back to back years for the same player on an older UA team. This particular player was selected and two straight years couldn’t stop a beach ball once arriving at practice and eventually games. Do you go with the tryout or go with a history of being a standout. A tryout is a 3 hour event and you as the selection staff have seen this group for years so you know the history of these players. I saw this once again at a different position but with the same result, standout tryout only to be followed up by mediocre at best play in practice and games. I now know why some coaches will go with a proven body of work versus a great afternoon tryout. I can see both sides now.

This might be too deep for this pool. Daddy’s just want to complain that their kiddo didn’t make it, and that everyone else stinks, and they’re glad they lost.