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[quote=Anonymous]LI doubled down by Conn (Grizzlies) What happened to all the superstars? Surprised they made it that far scraping by with one goal games. Embarrassing! Bright side is that they don't have to endure a beatdown by Maryland! This is what happens when politics picks teams!

you are a clown.
Who wasn’t on the team that deserved to be???
They won the North Regional and lost in the semis in the national championships. Not acceptable for LI but what can you do?? they lost. so now we sit back and call it politics. i saw the roster and they are same girls that are the best players on their HS and travel teams.
guess your kid got cut

It was politics there is no way a Long Island team with all their talent wins 1 goal games against New England and Upsate and then gets smoked by Connecticut. A Dad coach picks 5 Jesters ( 3 who were not on varsity) and Thorn picks 15 YJ not all on the A team. If you think the top players are only on YJ and Jesters you are mistaken and the results speak for themselves.

It was also very telling by looking at the stats provided on TM. The way I look at it...if you are chosen for a select team like UA as a Middie or Attack, and you don’t dish out any goals or assists over 3 games, you don’t belong on the team because you’re not doing your job. If I were a college coach, those girls would be scratched off my list. I wish they also gave the turnover stat...I’m sure that would be interesting as well. I agree with the previous poster that many constantly top players from other teams were snubbed and this Team LI Command was out of their league. A shame