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[quote=Anonymous]Yj have the most talent in most age groups. The age groups that win most of the time are the teams that play Maryland lacrosse. Called passing the ball making the game fun to watch. Been watching long time the 23s are prob one of the most selfish yj teams ever! It’s hard to watch

That's Long Island Lacrosse and YJ is the epitome of the ISO, go to goal lacrosse. It is great your daughter scored four goals last game, too bad she took 15 shots and half that were

missed, went into the goalies stick and the other half went out of bounds not backed up. So many kids forcing the ball, taking bad shots, getting stripped, getting called on a charge, actually hurting the team more than helping. But this is what is promoted. BUT don't those four goals look great???? And this problem gets worse and worse the closer the teams get to recruiting, the pure selfish play goes through the roof, hard to watch. Even the defenders start playing selfish lacrosse hoping to get noticed, looking away four or five opportunities to outlet the ball in transition so they can be a hero running the ball up field instead of passing. How many times have you seen this happen only to draw a charge or get stripped and the ball flies back down the other end with a defender out of place because she wanted to be the hero. Very rare is a well coached team that this selfish behavior is not allowed, but there are some teams out there that are playing lacrosse right, I agree they are fun to watch and yes most of them are the Maryland teams, certainly not Long Island teams.

Thanks Biff for your insight. Now call Buffy and go order some crab cakes and drive her in your 10 year old Range Rover.

Crab cakes. good one buddy.
look the YJ team is super talented and can win on talent alone sometimes but if you want to see the game played right. watch M&D and Skywalkers

And with are the Jesters. they aren’t the B team i saw lose to capital blue 7-6 and then after they gave them a 6-6 tie and disallowed the last goal cause that’s what we do in 2020. no losers.
Jesters wouldn’t beat the tourney B teams in MD

And yet everyone keeps watching them and making them the topic of conversation.
Jesters are real!

Real annoying! Please stop![/quote