We were also at the Mid-Atlantic. We didn't see actually Jesters play, but we sure heard the screaming and yelling. You don't see or hear that much down South. I think that is the same coach who pulled a several of his players for UA game? I'm sure that they are good players and good kids, but seems fishy, that's all we are saying. Very interesting.
We Heard that those teams are now part of CR and YJ? Questionable move by CR.

The parents, coaches and players from other teams heard them screaming. They were talking about the shameless behavior. Like you we heard about the negative comments on coaches before, but never witnessed .
Just a bad look for their team, club, kids and the sport. As for those poor players that have to endure that behavior, I feel terrible for them .Not a good look those poor players and parents come recruiting time. They should rethink their choice of team. It's not good the girls future in sports, college, recruiting and perhaps most importantly , life lessons.