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On corrigan sports. That’s who to blame. They were bullied to who makes team. The take away is this is not legit.. I wouldn’t even let my kid try out as we were told there were only 3 spots open and the team was already made. Don’t waste your money on this garbage. Go to the camps.

who claims there were only 3 spots available. top scorers were both on team last year.
Maybe when your team plays FLG or TG purple, your Superstar kid scores 5 goals, but when you play the best plays from all over the country it's not as easy to have 2 goals in a game. stop with the nonsense here......maybe some of the middies you expected to score had different roles.
I am sure if the tryout wasn't political your kid would have been on the team and scoring 3 a game. life isn't fair. BTW the coaches daughter is very good and deserved to be on that team!

Typical excuses...funny that girls on other teams were able to score more than two goals a game? Maybe LI girls just not that good. Not one was a stat leader