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Final score was 7-5. Jesters started slow and were down 5-1 at half on a sloppy muddy field. Jesters seem to make an adjustment and they were a different team second half. Came storming back and dominated second half but came up short. They cut the lead to 1 goal with @ 4 min left on a beautiful transition goal that was called back because player stepped in crease. That was the second goal Jesters had taken off the board. Was a great game with two great teams. Pretty to watch. Would love to see these two teams go at it again on a dry field in better conditions.

You're living in a fantasy world that does not involve girls lacrosse rules. Legacy also had a goal clawed back for shooting space. That's the rules. Deal with it. Do we add that phantom goal for Legacy to the fantasy score? Or how about the goal when the Legacy goalie slipped and fell in the mud after making the save when the ball slowly rolled in the cage while she was face planted in the muck? Do we take that goal back because the goalie was playing in a swamp? No, we deal with it. The ball rolled in, it's a goal. That's the rules.

But if we fix all the imaginary problems snowflake, equally on both sides, we still come up with a score of 8-6. Same outcome. Jesters lose by two. Get over it and stop wishing the score to what it wasn't. You're dragging down your daughter's team and looking like a classless sore lost.