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YJ not a mafioso group ??? If you decide not to train with YJ it is fine.. staus quo....BUT if you train with another outside trainer that is another story!!!!! There is a trail of tears of kids who train with people that don't meet the approval of YJ. The 2022 coach charges exorbitant hourly's to train kids and if you think that kids don't get pushed aside for the betterment of the paying kids then you are a complete imbecile.. Its happening right this second. Before they fill the desires of the non paying kid, they will fill the desire of the paying kid first, God forbid the kids play the same position and like the same school. In that case the paying customer will get the nod and the non paying customer will be convinced to look at a different school... Classic switcheroo.. YJ 101 …. Pay to paly and pay to reserve your line at the front and keep other non paying interested parties away...

you sound like you have seen this first hand; like the blood is fresh and the wound still stings.
Well I will continue to live my life by having my girls train the best trainer possible, and not because she has a blue and gold sweatshirt on. you only are hurting kids in the long run donating $$$ for the pay to play BS. the best trainers I have used and seen don't work for YJ. I want my kid to get better not get more time because she pays a trainer/coach.
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The fact that you are saying the best girls on the team are from igloo shows you either know nothing about the team or your from igloo. The best kids on that team have been on the team at least 2 years running. 2 of the igloo are solid all around players ( 1defender 1mid) The others are good but not great. One is a selfish turnover machine (middy) and the other is like watching a cat on ice skates (attacker). In fact the current YJ teams makes the igloo kids better... True story

the selfish turnover machine is the who has been at YJ from the get go.... we all know that