[quote=Anonymous]You have zero idea what you are talking about. “Since merger” YJ played in 2 tournaments. Both last fall and beat all teams and tied Grizzlies. That is it as far a Games. Period.

A scrimmage where Jesters “won” has been followed by multiple scrimmages where this team has NOT “lost”. This thread posing Legacy & Jesters as the teams to beat is ridiculous. Trying to point out false results is lame. Pointing out results from 4th & 5th grade “losing” to the B team, is a joke.

MYou went to a C team that has worked its way to a Tie of Igloo a year ago the 1st game of season (your biggest game up to there), a win over a shell of M&D this year (no way real M&D loses 2 games in a tourney to your level of team), a tie to Grizzlies (yeah) and a sloppy win over Jesters in the Mud.
We have won last 2 Nationals, beat M&D, Heroes Green, Skywalkers, MD United, Grizzlies, Monsters, Ultimate, etc. etc. etc. What have You really done? Nothing!
Oh yeah, not to mention, only 4 on LI to make US combine, 2 making team-YJ. Featured 2023 stand outs in last year’s UA game coached by Levy, 2 YJ & 1 Grizzlies. You have NOTHING. Always been B+.

Did all those featured superstars play against Jesters?