Top middy in Long Island ? NAH .. Very strong young lady but misses the net way too many shots (that can be fixed with a better trainer). I still think that she is one to the top players on the island but not the best. You know shooting percentage and turn overs are a stat. But all you clowns look at is goals. Its who makes the players around them better. Its who helps the team gel. Its who picks up their teammates when they fall. Its who causes a turnover at the most important time of the game. When I watch the kids play they more or less look the same on the field to a certain extent. You can see some kids are athletically superior but it isn't night and day for the most part. The day of running down the field like a REC kid and going straight to goal is OVER.. If you cant play the SAME with both hands you are in trouble (includes catching on a full run cut). If you cant shoot from any angle, you are in trouble. If you are slow you are in trouble. Unfortunately many of the kids talked about on this thread have become (thru their parents) locker room cancers that erode the fabric of any team they play on now and most likely in the future. Everything they talk about is negative or fashioned as a complaint. Gossip over rides the will to work. I detest to see this because I see that many of the travel teams have great talent but equally bad attitude. Try telling your kids no once in a while and maybe just maybe you will see some changes. If not ...just run and buy them the next biggest toy or phone so they can over compete wit their friends on the social area. Hey buy why not ... they are all gong to remember each other after school right ?