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The jesters coach was an embarrassment. He was SCREAMING at 15 year old girls on top of his lungs at a showcase tournament. He was frustrated because his go to pressure defense got completely torched by the CT team. I'm sure that works when you are playing some Micky Mouse travel clubs, but not when you are playing kids of the caliber of Baltimore and CONNY. Oh and BTW after yelling at the kids all just shut down. He is only interested in his daughter like every other slimy daddy coach on Long Island whether it be from the Jesters or YJ. The words team concept have no place on those teams and until that changes winning at a consistent rate will also have no place on those teams.

You are almost correct here. Yes the screaming was
A little intense and totally inappropriate, but the pressure defense actually worked with Connecticut once they started using it.
Either way not a good look but I feel bad for the girls they worked hard to be there.