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On M&D.. Its fall and they are not long a ton of kids right now. Soccer is still being played and so is field hockey. Not to mention that some kids just wont play because of virus hype. They are all encouraged to play their in season sports over fall travel. One of the M&D teams was playing with all defenders as middys due to numbers. I am not taking away from any of the teams that played them as they all looked great but the YJ / M&D games should be better come this summer (hopefully). Both teams are pretty sharp and have nice talent. The refs stunk all weekend for everyone and called the games like the kids were made of paper. i watched quite a few games where I had no dog in the hunt and it was frustrating to watch. Not only do they slow the game down but they take forever to set the kids up and blow the whistle. I am not there to watch the refs. On a side note about the Jesters. They are the Igloo (girls) of 2020. Competitive team who pressures well and shows up to play every week. They are gritty. Not sure that anyone is scared of really any team at this point. Its girls lacrosse for heaven sake not ice hockey in the 70's. They have all proven to be beatable over the last few years and I am seeing a lot of ties. I see parity. Anyone who doesn't admit that is simply just a shill. In fact you will see the same thing this weekend in Delaware if they allow everyone to play. At any rate ....safe travels and don't forget to wear those BS masks that DON'T stop you from getting a head cold let alone covid.

Thanks Doc, will be sure to take your medical advice.