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Wow. Just got on and see the douchbags are already feasting! If I get this straight-———-someone, who’s precious did not make the team, was at home-going “On their laptop-Not their phone” and trolling stats and taking some pleasure in not seeing strong ones! Just unreal.
That is what You did on your Saturday, even for a minute is beyond pathetic. No wonder precious didn’t make it.

No one gives a F__k about Legacy. And TG- YJ has handled Grizzlies as well.

This was a draw issue and losing 7 out of 10 at best is no way for any team of any talent level to Win. The breakdown started There and followed everywhere. It stunk! There. Done!

It is Sunday-get on with having a life.

What’s more pathetic is that girls chosen due to politics did nothing and the team struggled, blaming it on draws is a lame excuse as well. A good defense can overcome that. Yes, I checked tourney machine in between doing other computer work. So what. After yet another poor showing, let’s hope they get it right next summer!