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First time on this thread. I have a 2023 daughter and there hasn't been any reason to visit this thread, when there isn't drama.

Yesterday, I was at Mid-Atlantic (Genesee Valley) and the game adjacent to my daughter's game was the Jesters 2023 Black sideline. WOW, the two male coaches were unlike any club coaches I have seen a while. Almost all coaches yell and complain to the officials during a game. But these to coaches, who look related to each
other, were the exception to the rule. The yelled and tired to dictate way to much action. I felt sad for the players/parents and I wondered why the would subject themselves to these two coaches.

But prior to posting my comments, I noted that the Jesters clearly already receive negative attention. Which supports my opinion and I hope those parents wake up and realize the harm that these two have caused.