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Fair. But did you even know that CONNY got Blown out in every aspect by Baltimore in the first game only to beat them 8-5 later that same day and win it all. If you have been around long enough, you’d know there are bad games & good games. Bad days & good days. Learning from it and Turning the page is a life lesson.

I actually did know that, although I didn't see the game and I was curious if it was a little gamesmanship on behalf on CONNY as the exact opposite happened last year in the command division.. CONNY surprised Balt in an early round. but the Balt coaches, to their credit found a way to beat them in the semi final, and then Balt knocked off a more rested LI team in the final game.

I was there last year and that was a tough loss to Baltimore as LI played down a girl for 7 straight minutes. LI blew everyone out in pool play then beat a solid Philly team to suffer their first and only loss to a 2 loss Baltimore team, I tip my hat off to baltimore as I felt LI had much more talent, but Baltimore found a way to win the title....much respect.
This year the team was loaded with talent but as we know that didnt translate the way we planned. The facts are this, yes they came up short and the results were not what we wanted, but its sad that every parent whose kid got cut or was too scared to tryout was cheering and laughing about the losses. Hey at least we were there in the fight, while you rooted at home against these girls.
I wont make any excuses as we came up short again but it was a great experience. Do yourselves a favor and stop making excuses why your daughter didnt make the team.... you sound like a whiner and apples dont fall far from trees. Sad your consolation is to rip on the girls who did make the team to make you feel better about yours not being good enough to overcome all the 'politics' lol.