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[quote=Anonymous]If you watch any games with a long island team in it. The refs do not give Long Island any close calls. N lots of calls they blatantly give to Maryland or any other state. I watched the game the jester coaches were very frustrated.

This is inaccurate statement and such a cop out. The prior comment about the Jesters coaches is “spot on.” Maintain the integrity of youth sports and stop being a poor role model for your players.

Many of the Long Island teams did not fare well this weekend due to other teams just being better. Monster is a NY team and I don’t see them complaining, but still going undefeated.[/quote

Not sure what Midatlantic you were at but YJ Thorn beat Monster A (purple) 8-5. then apparently were up on M&D black 6-0 and the refs gave them numerous yellows in the last 10 minutes and played down 2-3 girls and M&D tied it at buzzers. sounds like they weren’t happy with the officiating too. it is M&D’s tourney though ]

Not sure what happen to M&D? Use to look forward to playing them now they’re just kind of a garbage show. My older daughter use have the M&D games circled on her calendar. But it’s not a rivalry if they haven’t won in years now.