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I disagree, it was only a close game because the wing girl for Top Gun is 6'3 and was able to gain possession off the circle with her height. That was the difference in the game. TG with all those possessions off the draw and still only won a close game! Jesters will beat Top Gun this summer! YJ will be prepared and won't let that happen! Yes i'm a YJ parent and I said it, got a problem w that?

Takes more than one tall girl! I think you should be more worried about Jesters beating you again. TG already handled them and will again if needed. Hopefully the games can stay clean. Some players need to stop cheap hits when they get frustrated. Will be a fun season, looking forward to some great lacrosse!

When is the last time TG played YJ???
believe was at Nationals when Igloo won the whole thing.
Where are those top girls from igloo now??
ohh on YJ. so basically TG and this YJ team have never played.

Some rosters may have changed, but TG has beaten both Igloo and YJ, so until a game proves otherwise, TG is the best 2023 team on LI. It's been a fun rivalry, but at this time, it's more about playing well as a team in front of college coaches. Some really talented girls on all the rosters!

The rest

Should we go by your poll or what USA lacrosse and every other colin poll has out there?????

YJ Thorn the unanimous #1 team in the country in all 3 polls
ohhh wait you got them behind TG who is NOT in top in any of them and on average around 6-8
It’s YJ
then everyone else.

You mean the COVID poll?? Where several TG girls didn't even play, including the tall girl? Strange how YJ 23s didn't even play in there own winter league, while the 24s did? I'm sure YJ and TG will get a chance to meet on the field this summer. Will be fun!