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You have zero idea what you are talking about. “Since merger” YJ played in 2 tournaments. Both last fall and beat all teams and tied Grizzlies. That is it as far a Games. Period.

A scrimmage where Jesters “won” has been followed by multiple scrimmages where this team has NOT “lost”. This thread posing Legacy & Jesters as the teams to beat is ridiculous. Trying to point out false results is lame. Pointing out results from 4th & 5th grade “losing” to the B team, is a joke.

MYou went to a C team that has worked its way to a Tie of Igloo a year ago the 1st game of season (your biggest game up to there), a win over a shell of M&D this year (no way real M&D loses 2 games in a tourney to your level of team), a tie to Grizzlies (yeah) and a sloppy win over Jesters in the Mud.
We have won last 2 Nationals, beat M&D, Heroes Green, Skywalkers, MD United, Grizzlies, Monsters, Ultimate, etc. etc. etc. What have You really done? Nothing!
Oh yeah, not to mention, only 4 on LI to make US combine, 2 making team-YJ. Featured 2023 stand outs in last year’s UA game coached by Levy, 2 YJ & 1 Grizzlies. You have NOTHING. Always been B+.

That's kinda creepy that you as a YJ parent have all these stats on a team your daughter doesn't play for. Creepy and self concious. If you know your daughters team is the best, why all the stats? Unless, you don't really know and are trying to convince yourself or others. We know the truth YJ Torched Dumpsterfire. It's okay, you have nice headbands with little bees on them. That has to count for something.

They won the "Nationals" and are bragging about the weakest tournament like it means something? HAhahahah