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Scary at Beach Lax this pass weekend the Diamondbacks 2022 looked like a rec team at is best. What happened to them they were always competitive now they cant get anything going and looked terrible.

Lost to 91 United by a goal beat them the week before by 6
Beat philly freedom in a blow out.
Lost to FCa team loaded with holdbacks. Beat FcA twice in spring leagues.
Hardly a Rec team. Where you there? Still one of the top teams in this area. Won MPLL this year. Hawks won HOCo. What other teams have won anything this year?

The MPLL was a joke of a league, might as well have won a county rec championship basically the same thing. Diamondbacks 2022 won't win another tournament the rest of the year. Then in August all of the good players will be at Hawks tryouts.

Yes and no. Hawks, Diamonds, Team 91, FCA, and Rough riders all in MPLL so not a rec league. There were some other teams there not the on this level but Diamondbacks schedule matched up wto th above teams, not the teams that shouldn't have been there.