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Not affiliated with Team 91 so can't speak to the incident above but will say that player from RR that hit his kid is a menace. He is consistently dangerous. Saw a video of him from this weekend slashing another player 4 times consecutively, finally flag thrown when he cut down the other kid with a blatant slash to back of the legs. Should've been ejected by new rules at St Pauls but just a penalty.

If you're going to anonymously malign a twelve year old, at least be honest. You say blatant slashes, flag thrown, cut down... All false. No flag thrown. Flag was already down on another player and a play on situation stopped play when the ball went down. Checks were to the gloved hand on the stick. Hard checks? Yes. Slashes? Not in the opinion of either official on the field.

In the RR - Cannons game on Sunday, the RR goalie almost had his head taken off. Coaches tended to the kid, he got up, player served his 3 minutes, and the game went on without menacing glances, coaches parading around and making a spectacle and threats to walk off the field.

Is this where we are in 2016; isolating video and posting on social media so DB parents can gather online to talk trash about a 12 year old kid? Get a life.

^^^^^^yes it is..and your right here doing it too. Isolated video? you obviously haven't seen much from this year. I would love to get a count of penalty time from that one player this year. 8 mins just from playing our games.